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Is Serenade Heights Right For Me?

Serenade Heights is a 6 -24 month faith-based program designed to assist single women with children in achieving family stability. We believe that family stability includes permanent housing, financial stability through employment, life-changing friendships, and increased self-esteem and personal growth in all areas of life. Participating in this program requires a great deal of hard work and commitment.

In order to assist our families in achieving their goals, we maintain the expectations (outlined at the link below) for all program participants. Please review these expectations to carefully consider whether you are willing and able to commit yourself to working toward them at this time.

The Serenade Heights Intake Committee will review your application to determine whether they believe you can benefit from Serenade Heights’ services at this time. During the application process, which can take up to 3-4 weeks if there is no waiting list, it is important for you to be available for us to contact you by phone and that you follow through with all appointments. This will be taken into account as your application is reviewed. If at any time you decide that Serenade Heights is not right for you, please call us to withdraw your application.

*Please note: We are not a crisis housing shelter and we do not have immediate placement opportunities for moms in crisis. If you are in desperate need of housing or shelter, please use our Emergency Resources list as a guide.

If you think Serenade Heights is right for you, learn how to apply HERE.